Armstrong doping question
Fri, 1 Apr 2005 08:12:08 -0600
"Paul Turner" <>

There is a new story circulating today that a former assistant of Lance Armstrong claims that he found a bottle of anabolic steroids while cleaning Lance’s bathroom.

Are steroids even a temptation for road cyclists? I realize that they have been big news in certain kind of sports, but I can’t recall any scandals involving endurance sports. Blood doping of all kinds is obviously a problem in road cycling, but would the muscle-building effect of steroids be something that someone like Armstrong would want, even if you assume he were completely unethical and unafraid of being caught?—Paul

Sure, pick on the women cyclists. At least they admitted it. Steroid abuse is in every sport. A recent report indicated that 6.6% of male high school seniors use steroids or have used them in the past. The incidence of steroid use among females, 2%, is much lower. Of these users, a large majority initiated use before they were 17 years old. These surveys report that the primary reason high school males take steroids is to improve athletic performance. Also with some, to improve their body image. I have two nephews who became caught up with steroid use during their high school football days. They were the star athletes at school. Now that they are in their early 30’s, they realize how stupid they were. Their parents caught it fast while they were still in High School and put an end to it. Who knows how long it would have gone on with them and what they would be suffering today if it was not stopped. If Lance or any other professional athletic is or has taken steroids, they should admit it, and help keep kids from following the same path. Thats what they should do, but usually when people are not caught, they don’t tell. All good things, Maggie All Good Things, Maggie—Maggie

Nah, I’m not picking on women. And there’s no doubt cycling and other sports are rife with drug use. But the specific question was about steroids. I’m not aware of many cyclists using steroids, probably because they don’t want the extra bulk (weight). Or maybe because it’s too easily detected. My only recollection of documented steroid use in cycling was among women.

Art Harris—Art

It would make more sense for a track cyclist than an endurance cyclist. Look at how big Marty Nothstein was, or Nelson Vails. Now look at Armstrong, Landis, Tyler Hamilton(not a steroid user, possibly EPO). I would say steroids no, EPO possibly, if anything.—SpAnKy

My local sports talk honks were discussing this early this AM; I guess the guy (Mike Anderson?) was on ESPN last night.

They played a number of sound bites from the interview, and the guy did NOT sound credible at all. First, he was fired by LA, so has an ax to grind; and Second, he claims to have found a vial "that LOOKED like it could be a steroid" in LA’s medicine cabinet in Spain, before Armstrong was even in the country. (Would Lance be stupid enough to leave ANY banned substance in his medicine cabinet?!?)

I’d have to see the entire show to really judge the guy, but from what I heard I’d say he’s just out to take Armstrong down. (He also whined how he "expected" to be employed for next 2-3 years, AND thought LA was going to help him set up a bike shop business following that.)

No pictures, no documentation, no credibility.


Yeah, I agree with you. If Armstrong is smart enough to beat every doping test, he’s certainly not going to be stupid enough to leave the evidence in his bathroom cabinet! The guy is looking for his 15 minutes of fame and just maybe enough money to set himself up in that bike shop he covets.—Pat


I saw a message on another list which stated that the use of steroid found (Androstenine) by pro riders is highly unlikely since it can be readily detected in drug testing up to one year after use.—Chris

I’m listening to a live interview with LA on the Jim Rome Show. Total denial of the guy’s allegations; also says Anderson tried to extort $500K from him "to go away".

OK, it just ended.

Good stuff.

BS (not in this case)—Bill