There is a new story circulating today that a former assistant—Paul
Re: Armstrong doping question
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 10:31:42 GMT
Stephen Harding <>

Proving one is innocent?

There’s a great concept!

I think the real guilt for Lance is that he is American. It’s quite fashionable to trash Americans these days and to have an American so completely dominate a sport event that "belongs" to Europeans is simply too much for some to take.

Maybe Lance is a doper, but so far, no evidence to back it up, so one is left with allegation after allegation and the need to "prove" one’s innocence to those in a conspiracy mind set.

Mix that with generic anti-American prejudice et voila, the need to appear before the international criminal court in company with fellow Texan Gee Dubya!—Stephen

Speaking as a European, bollocks. I have only one thing against Lance, and that is that he is a one-race wonder. Look at the lifetime points accumulated by the likes of Merckx - he rode all the races and won most of them, they reckon he rode around 30,000 competitive miles some years.

Lance is a great rider, and his story is undoubtedly inspiring, but some people want to make out that winning one race six times makes him the greatest. It doesn’t.—Just


Total balls. LA is actually liked, adored, hero-worshipped etc., etc in much of the European cycling world.

Just a pity he concentrates on winning one race, as he is a bloody good cyclist ;-)

Cheers, helen s—wafflycat

His former assistance friend has accused him. Was he an Anti-American? I don’t think so. The guy was worked under American flag. How can he be an anti-American?—mmdir2...

He’s an anti-Armstrong because he got fired (and also expected financial backing to open a business). Not real complicated.

Hey Poofster -- you stop beating your wife (dog, meat in public) yet? Can you PROVE it?!?

Absence of evidence isn’t...

Donald Sornfeld—Bill