There is a new story circulating today that a former assistant—Paul
Re: Armstrong doping question
1 Apr 2005 22:07:36 -0800

Armstrong has a personal doctor for long time who checked and monitoed Lance’s body chemical activity. Jose Canseco, a former Stereoid Homerun champion, admitted there are many way to beat the doping test and many type of drug out there. Lance certainly knew what he was doing to his body while taking stereoid and anti-cancer drug. Who knows he took both and there is no way to find out what kind of hormone he took it while he rode in the Tour De France. Even he took the anti-cancer drug, how did we know it’s 100% anti-cancer drug.—mmdir2...

Re: Armstrong doping question
Sat, 2 Apr 2005 15:25:14 -0600
"Pat" <>

Lance Armstrong has to be the most tested athlete in the world. He is tested monthly; he is tested after a race. Go take your conspiracy theories somewhere else.

Pat in TX :—Pat

If someone said to me that it was possible to beat a 3000 metre individual pursuit record by almost 5 secs I would have said it was impossible but New Zealands Sarah Ulmer did it, and all down to bloody single mindedness and hard work. I beleive that is what Lance has, unfortunatly a celebrity profile means that people who do not have that ability, see arrogance, and set out to bring him down. Tall poppy syndrome. Ride on Kim—Kim

Yep. He’s a hyper-competitive individual with a high pain tolerance and off-the-chart genetic gifts. You could pump all the EPO in the world into another cyclist and not create a Lance.—Gooserider

That’s BS! You just can’t utter how clean Lance Armstrong is. There is no clean data to prove his innocent. All we have is the allegation after allegation, and more allegation to come...—mmdir2...

Proving one is innocent?

There’s a great concept!

I think the real guilt for Lance is that he is American. It’s quite fashionable to trash Americans these days and to have an American so completely dominate a sport event that "belongs" to Europeans is simply too much for some to take.

Maybe Lance is a doper, but so far, no evidence to back it up, so one is left with allegation after allegation and the need to "prove" one’s innocence to those in a conspiracy mind set.

Mix that with generic anti-American prejudice et voila, the need to appear before the international criminal court in company with fellow Texan Gee Dubya!—Stephen


Guy didn’t say the TdF is a minor race.

Methinks, Pat, you have a spot of anti-European prejudice showing ;-)

Cheers, helen s—wafflycat

So, if I disagree with a European, I am automatically "anti-European" with "anti-European prejudice"? Gee, I guess that pretty much preempts me from disagreeing with any European about anything! What I meant was, winning the TDF 6 times makes him the greatest TDF rider, period. It doesn’t make him the greatest sprinter or the greatest winner of the Vuelta or the Paris-Nice race. It is what it is: the TDF. Period. That Guy put it as "one race" instead of the great race that it is, sounds as if he were trying to minimize it. He didn’t even identify the "one race" as if it weren’t worth mentioning the name. That makes me think he was saying it was a minor race.

Pat in TX :—Pat


Good reply. What I can’t understand is how can a recreational cyclist, knowing how difficult it can be to ride a bike well, let alone race can put down a pro cyclist. I mean I like to discuss my favorite racers and will sometimes joke about how one guy gets smoked but in my mind these guys, who really suffer, are freakin’ gods! I mean come on - we mere mortals can only look and be in awe. Obviously this ’Guy’ has never ridden a bike or has no comprehension of what it takes to be a pro rider, even one at the back of the peloton.