There is a new story circulating today that a former assistant—Paul
Re: Armstrong doping question
Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:58:27 GMT
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Can’t argue with THAT logic! (Of course, the same can be said about every person on earth. Maybe the late Pope John Paul II was on performance-enhancing substances! Just because he never TESTED positive...)

One point from Armstrong’s interview on the Rome show: he said (paraphrasing), "Test my blood; test my urine; hell, keep the samples for 5, 10, 25 years and THEN test ’em. I’m clean."

He also made the point that, after facing near-death due to cancer, he would never jeopardize his health just to gain an athletic edge. Flat out not worth it.

Until proven otherwise, I believe him.

Bill S.—Bill

Why not he reveal his medical record so that we can see what kind of anti-cancer chemo he takes. And he should reveal his personal doctor. Current anti-doping method is not effective. The medial test lab is trying to improve better way to find the doping espcially when you are dealing with the guy know about the drug and the body chemistry. Lance is a trained body chemistist and knows how to get away from the doping than most peopl could. No matter Lance keeps total innocent, there is always a hole to escape.—mmdir2...

He doesn’t have to reveal anything to you. He has done so to the proper authorities and they are satisfied. He owes you nothing. He is not taking any anti-cancer drugs. You would know that if you would get a copy of his books and read---not just speculate.—Pat

Chartreuse Poof expert on holes.

(Nice relapse re. English language, BTW.)

Again, he’s given permission to authorities to KEEP HIS SAMPLES indefinitely. When better testing methods are developed, they can try again and again to find something.

Sure doesn’t SOUND like a cheater to me. (Compare his plain-spoken denials to the tap-dancing baseball players are /still/ doing; nice to see a man get right out there, and not hide behind publicists, lawyers, agents, etc.)

Shoeless Bill—Bill


as a fellow cancer survivor, i can tell you that he means it. every day is so much more precious once you’ve been that close to death.—Dennis