Ka-Ping Yee


picture of Ping among some flowers

After finishing graduate school at UC Berkeley, I joined Google.org as a software engineer. In 2015, I left Google and joined Wave, and in 2020, I joined Tech For Campaigns, where we help progressive candidates win state-level seats in the United States. Here's my CV.

Here's a list of some things I've done. I'm still figuring out how to organize it.

Collaboration and hypertext
Human-computer interaction
Information design
Voting and elections
Websites and services
2017Ramani Huria: community mapping for flood resilience
2017West Africa Motorcycle Mapping: better maps, better hospital records
2016neveragain.tech: a pledge against misuse of data for religious targeting and mass deportation
2016Wave: mobile money transfer for East Africa
HI 2014Project Buendia: medical records for emergency relief in response to the Ebola epidemic
A 2013Lighting design and engineering for Truth is Beauty at Burning Man 2013
P 2013q.py: quick and dirty debugging output for tired programmers
2013RECAP for Chrome: building a free library of public court documents
A H 2012Light Orchestra: a thousand lights respond to you, the conductor (featured at Sea of Dreams, Burning Man, and the Exploratorium)
A 2012 Lighting design and engineering for The Serpent Twins at Burning Man 2012
HI W 2011Google Crisis Map: a map mash-up builder and publishing tool
A 2011 Lighting design and engineering for Truth is Beauty at Burning Man 2011
S W 2010Facebook API Browser: explore what's publicly visible through the Facebook Graph API
I TV 2010Election Methods in Pictures: play with election counting methods to see how they work
H W 2010Google Person Finder: a public missing persons database for the earthquake in Haiti
H 2010Multitetris: multiplayer cooperative Tetris for a multitouch table
HI W 2009SMS for Life: using mobile phones to improve distribution of malaria supplies in Africa
HI W 2008Google PowerMeter: an energy information platform for everyone
H PS V 2007Ph. D. dissertation: on electronic voting and Pvote
S V 2007Voting systems review (for the California Secretary of State)
H PS V 2007Pvote: small and flexible software for voting machines
I W 2006Genome Enhancer: the multi-organism version of Fly Enhancer
H S 2006Passpet: convenient password management and phishing protection
M 2006Music 148. African music ensemble
A W 2005Regender: a gender-swapped view of the Web
A 2005Sideways Room: disorienting decor for your party guests
P T 2005CS 9H. Python: a self-paced programming course
I V 2005Voting visualizations: comparing the fairness of election methods
C I 2005Threaded conversation map: a viewer for online discussions
2005PFIF: a standard for data about people missing or displaced by disasters
T 2004CS 184. Computer graphics
H 2004Two-handed tablet interface: a multitouch hack
P T 2003CS 98/198. Beautiful code: a course in the art of Python
I 2003SeismoSpin: an interactive visualization for browsing earthquake data
H 2003User-directed screen reading: screen reading as an input operation
H 2003Peephole displays: handheld windows on a virtual workspace
A 2003Figure drawings: from a class I took in Cambridge, MA
I P W 2002Flamenco: a facet-based browsing and search interface
S 2002Auditors: an extensible code verification mechanism
M 2002Transcribed music for piano
C I 2002Zest: an experimental viewer for e-mail discussions
I W 2001Fly Enhancer: a search engine for binding sites in D. melanogaster
I 2001Phoebus: progressive display of database query results
I 2001Notes from Infovis 2001
H S 2001Secure interaction design: principles for usable secure software
I 2001GnuTellaVision: animated exploration of graphs with radial layout
W 2000Malkovich mediator: try this if you're in a wacky mood!
T 2000CS 61A. Structure and interpretation of computer programs
P W 2000Roundup: an issue tracker for knowledge workers
H W 1999Real-time chat (without Javascript, Java, or Flash)
C P 1999Pyxi: a browser for Xanadu hypertext
C W 1997Crit: a public annotation system for webpages
W 1996MINSE: enabling anyone to put math in webpages
W 1995Shodouka: a mediator for viewing Japanese websites

Random things: I also have a page of other small software projects that don't have their own project pages. Also some PortMidi and pyPortMidi binaries for Mac OS 10.6.

Take care my friend, and always trust your passion