Piano Transcriptions

Ka-Ping Yee

Here are some of the music scores i've transcribed. (This should conjure up some memories from the old days for the LFW folks...) You can get a fairly accurate replica of the original by downloading the large images and printing them out at about 220 dpi on a good laser printer. (The original images were scanned at 200 dpi, but you'll have to shrink them slightly to fit everything in the printable area on the page.) Internet Explorer will print one of these images on one page if you go to the printer settings and choose a scaling factor of 44%.

Under the Bridge, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This was transcribed and arranged for piano while i was in Grade 12 at SJR in 1993. Wildside and i auditioned for the band, but we didn't make it.

Stay, by Shakespears Sister. This was also transcribed in 1993. Oh, how badly i wanted someone to share the giddy magic of this music with then!

Voices, by Yoko Kanno. This is the acoustic version of the song, from the Macross Plus soundtrack. I did this one while i as in Japan, at Tottori University, in 1996. Unlike the above two pieces, i tried very hard to transcribe this exactly, note for note. It's not quite finished.

Ice Cream, by Sarah McLachlan. This is from a nice simple recording of the song that has just Sarah playing the piano and singing, and it's also an attempt to get each note exactly right. I did this one over a few weeks in the spring of 2000, after a new friend told me she liked the song. I'd like to play it for her someday.

The Luckiest, by Ben Folds. I've come to really enjoy Ben Folds' piano music a lot, and this is a very beautiful song. I've tried to get this note for note, exactly, from the track on the "Rockin' the Suburbs" album. It was completed in June 2002.