rwithers: Bill,
 rwithers: I have remaining issues in these areas: 1.
     frantz: Yes, ASN.1 encoding is a bear.
         rwithers12: I looked about 6 weeks ago, when I started this, and found the name of the ASN.1 object but it was missing details
     frantz: The cryptoHash which becomes the VatID is SHA1 of the ASN.1 encoding of the public key.
         rwithers12: awesome, that's one Squeak has support for, thanks to Luciano and his prowess.
     frantz: Since the protocol and version fields only contain 7 bit ASCII characters, the UTF is one byte/character and compatible with 7 bit ASCII.
         rwithers12: how bad is this bigendian problem going to be for me? I have no idea if the endianness is taken care of for me in squeak. gee, I hope it is.
     frantz: Yea, no one has a VLS. It is on my plate, and is proceeding at what can only be described with charity as a "glacial pace".
         rwithers12: yes, my elib implementation has taken me a year so far.
     frantz: I don't know that we are using suspend/resume these days. We used it in original E.
         markm: If you're not using it in VatTP, then I'm confused.
             frantz: I'm depending on vague memories. The code to implement suspend/resume is in VatTP, but I don't think anything calls it.
         rwithers12: I see the connection states in the VatTPMgr and the suspend msg and negotiation code in StartUpProtocol.
 rwithers: this is a lot of work, supporting elib, and I haven't even approached makers, assayers, guards or any of that.
     frantz: Way cool!
         rwithers12: thank you. We'll see if it amounts to a completed project.