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.git 31 Dec 1969  unread   
PREDICT 31 Dec 1969  unread   
predict 31 Dec 1969  unread   
ROACH1 31 Dec 1969  unread   
BOOBOO 31 Dec 1969  unread 31 Dec 1969  unread   
roach1 31 Dec 1969  unread   
booboo 31 Dec 1969  unread   

Extremely basic documentation:

To submit a bug, send mail to "" with a subject line like this:

Subject: PLUG: snug as a plug in a rug [priority=4]
where "PLUG" is your bug category and "snug as a plug in a rug" is a one-line description of the bug. The category and colon (:) are required. Bugs cannot be submitted on the web page; they can only be submitted by e-mail (this is by design: it ensures that all submissions will trigger a notification message).

Priority level definitions:

  1. critical: Showstopper. Work cannot proceed. Panic now.
  2. urgent: Important bug causing a loss of work or feature desperately needed.
  3. bug: Application does the wrong thing. Problem cannot be reasonably worked around.
  4. feature: Application can't do something you would like it to do.
  5. wish: Things that would be nice to have. Bugs that are avoidable. Missing features with acceptable workarounds.

    roundup by Ping (11 May 1999)