From: "Karp, Alan" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:03:19 -0800
Subject: RE: [e-lang] "Capability Myths Demolished" (was: Software secur ity workshop)

Tyler Close wrote:
> Given that there has been 30 years of "bogosity" surrounding
> capabilities, it is likely necessary that every paper that is
> actually about capabilities contain a footnote about the Lampson
> error. This should be sufficient to avoid confusion, without the
> need to invent a history.

I claim to be the first to follow Tyler's excellent suggestion.  IEEE Software sent me the galley proofs for my split capabilities paper right in the middle of this flurry of emails on the subject.  The paper describes the access matrix (which I think I transposed) and the row/column compression.  I got the editor to let me insert the sentence "Despite the apparent symmetry, ACLs are not equivalent to CLs." with a reference to "Demolished".  That's the best I could do so late in the process. tyler 

Tyler, you need to write your paper on the subject, so we have a solid piece of work to cite. tyler 

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