From: "Rob Withers" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 04:58:38 -0500
Subject: Re: [e-lang] Serialization in Squeak-E (was: MAC calculation)

Hi Tyler, 

I actually believe I was the one focusing attention on CapTP, in an earlier
email.   I am interested in looking at WOS and WOMP, and perhaps we could get
serialization negotiation in soon.

I should have answered you earlier, but I got into x.509 in a serious way,
based on a squeak changeset that popped up.   I coded a bunch, and I just
need to correctly parse and encode the key field of the keyInfo, to finish
up!  It is a BIT-STRING encoding of an INTEGER encoding...ugh

I have really enjoyed this weeks discussions and I look forward to continue
next week.   Have a happy thanksgiving. 


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Subject: Re: [e-lang] Serialization in Squeak-E (was: MAC calculation)

> On Tuesday 26 November 2002 18:05, Rob Withers wrote:
> > Tyler,  I think the network protocol is in VatTP, like you use HTTPS.
> > CapTP is the application protocol, like your WOMP and the serialization is
> > one of {WOS, Java, Squeak}.
> Yes, the analogy between CapTP's use of VatTP and WOMP's use of
> HTTPS is right. I should have used the more specific name.
> I haven't looked at the CapTP/VatTP code in a long time. When I
> last touched it, I don't think the serialization protocol was
> negotiable. Has this already been changed?
> It's on my TODO list to get WOMP on VatTP, or something like
> VatTP, but for now, the interoperability benefits of SSL are much
> more important. That any XSLT, perl, python script or web browser
> can interoperate with a WOMP server is a big deal to me.
> Implementing just VatTP wouldn't get me anywhere but talking to
> myself. If you do the full CapTP/VatTP you get E and soon Squeak.
> It would be nice if WOMP was a lowest common denominator amongst
> even E and Squeak, but it doesn't make sense to implement SSL to
> get that. At some point, we'll have to figure out how to get VatTP
> into XSLT, perl, python, web browsers, etc.
> > Other than the state machine, you
> > need to know msg content and all the handshaking and finally the
> > encryption.   I have this extracted and am fast approaching completion, so
> > perhaps you could use what I have learned.   Here is my state machine,
> > still only partially tested:
> Thanks. I'll save it for a rainy day.
> Tyler
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