Assignment 3 Part 1 (submitted by Nadia on Feb 7, 00:08)

Beautiful Code
Ka-Ping Yee

AUTHORS:   Adam   Calvin   Chris   David   Derek   Hunter   Jacob   Jason   Jun   Karl   Kevin   Michael   Morgan   Nadia   Nerissa   Omair   Peter   Peterson   Ping   Richard   Rosie   Scott   Thanh   Varun

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Feb 17, 23:43 - Thanh: Your solution2 is kinda short and neat! However, I do find a bug in your code: the return value of sort() is None. So... that will end up causing you an error in the for loop; python will complain that you try to iterate through a non-sequence item. You can fix it by doing word_list.sort() after you have set the tokenized text to word_list.

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  1 import speling
  3 # Solution 1: (the evil one with large assumptions)
  4 speling.read_dictionary('dict.txt')
  5 speling.check_file('input.txt')
  7 # Solution 2: (assuming check_file doesn't really do what I want)
  9 speling.read_dictionary('dict.txt')
 10 word_list = speling.tokenize_text(speling.read_file('input.txt')).sort()
 11 seen = {}
 13 for word in word_list:
 14     if not speling.check_word(word) and not word in seen:
 15         print word, '('+str(word_list.count(word))+')'
 16         seen[word] = 1